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About Pandora Towson

Your #1 Source for Jewelry

PANDORA Towson is dedicated to providing you with all the New Charms, Beads, Bracelets and Necklace elements you need to effortlessly create your own work of art. Shop the entire collection of Charm Bracelets and draw inspiration from the many complete bracelets created by our talented design team. Browse our collection online to find out much more about our bracelets.

PANDORA Towson graciously joins a very exclusive list of Jewelry boutiques found in Germany, Sweden, and of course Denmark, home to PANDORA Jewelry. PANDORA Towson is dedicated exclusively to PANDORA Jewelry. Each feature of our store is designed to meet your needs and ensure you are provided with an exceptional shopping experience.

Here you will find all of your favorites and the latest trends in Jewelry. Shop our stunning 14k gold, sterling silver and glass bead collections or build a bracelet online.  There is nothing more convenient than having the time to put thought into what you are creating, so shopping and creating is so wonderful.

Work with our specially trained design team to create your very own individual statement. Design your statement on special memories, beautiful styles, seasons or anything that inspires you. Know one thing for sure – your statement is uniquely yours.

You will love and treasure your Jewelry just as much as everyone else who is proud to own such a treasured item.  Take a look around and see what you like.