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Samsonite – Ready for Anywhere.™

Samsonite’s not just in the business of making luggage, we’re in the business of building confidence. Confidence that when you step off the curb, your luggage wheel isn’t going to pop off. Confidence that if you put your laptop in the bag in one piece, that’s the way it will come out. Samsonite has set an industry precedence by perfecting and innovating luggage, casual bags, backpacks, travel accessories, and now electronics carriers and laptop bags.

Over one hundred years of reliability, durability, style and innovative functionality have made Samsonite’s iconic products, and brand, the global leader they are today. If you are going to head out the door, do it with peace of mind. Because, life has a way of coming at you fast. Be ready for anywhere.


Social Compliance

We workss to ensure that its supply chain reflects its values as a company. We expect our suppliers to treat their workers fairly, to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment and to protect environmental quality.

Through its Social Compliance Program (SCP) and its agreements with suppliers, we seek to prevent all instances of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking and to ensure compliance with all local laws.

We conduct unannounced, on-site audits of suppliers and retains independent third parties to do so as well. Samsonite encourages open communication with its factory representatives and employees on environmental, health, safety and social issues and maintains accountability standards to address and correct instances on non-compliance.