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Xbox One Titanfall bundle today for $499.99. Pre-order  Bundle includes: Xbox One, Titanfall full game download, and a month of Xbox Live Gold, all for the same prices as a standard Xbox One.

Xbox One Titanfall bundle – Pre-order

Starting today, you can pre-order the new Titanfall Xbox One Bundle for only $499.99. The bundle includes Xbox One, Titanfall full game download, and a month of Xbox Live Gold, all for the same price as a standard Xbox One. Plus, pre-order by 12 PM PST, March 8th and get it the day it’s released with free shipping.

The Titans have arrived

One of the most anticipated gaming launches of the year, Titanfall is finally here. Step into a war-torn future, brought vividly to life through your state-of-the-art Xbox One, and be propelled into a gaming universe unlike any other. Crafted by key developers behind the CALL OF DUTY franchise, Titanfall builds on that experience and puts you first in the ultimate, first-person shooter.

Titanfall game download

Take to the war zone on foot or leap into a 24-foot tall mechanized monstrosity, you decide. Play as a Pilot and maneuver through the fight with incredible agility, or operate a fast-paced Titan for the brutal maximum of strength and firepower.

The gold standard

The gold standard

Use your 1-month Xbox Live Gold membership to get in on all the Titanfall action; a game that folds in the best of the online multiplayer experience with the characters, story and cinematic moments you love in traditional single-player games.

Capture the moment

Xbox One console

Xbox One was designed for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. It wakes up instantly when you say, “Xbox On”, and even turns on your TV. Downloads and updates happen behind the scenes, so you can jump right in. And when you need to pause, your games are suspended right where you left off, so you can resume instantly.


Pre-order Xbox One Titanfall bundle

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